Before going on a jungle trek, some things have to be taken care of.
A few items you need to bring:  
* Extra pants and shirt with long sleeves for during the night 
* Closed shoes, long trousers and T-shirt for the actual trekking. Flip flops or sandals for the camp site. Keep in mind that shoes will become wet and dirty in the rainy season (approx June to October).
* Hat or cap 
* Sunlotion, insect repellent
* Lightweight coat or fleece (October /March)
* Small towel, toiletry, bathing suite
* Lighter

* Flash light

* Personal basic first aid kit

The total weight of a back pack set is 5.5 kg (excluding personal items)

Do's and Don'ts
When you go on a trek you always wear boots or shoes, which protect your feet, long pants. A hat or cap you might want to consider. Apply insect repellent from the ankle to just under the knee to avoid leeches in the wet season.  

When we visit an indigenous family, we always wait until the ranger has permission to enter the house. We never enter a house without explicit permission of the owner.  All indigenous people are animists. For them the spiritual world has high respect but also fears. Some of them believe that their souls are caught in your camera when you take a picture. Others they don't want to be photographed. Always ask permission if you want to take a 'close up'. We never pay money in return for a picture.

If you consider to take some gifst for the local cummunities baloons do a great job as well as pencils and notebooks. Please don't give money or candy.

Why Choose Us


DutchCo Outdoor Cambodia is driven by respect for nature and people. Aiming at improving the livelihood of Khmer and indigenous people and creating awareness for conservation of natural resources. Honest trek information, customer friendly and not pushy. 


Who Are We


DutchCo Outdoor Cambodia is a cooperation between Khmer, Indigenous and Western people. Devoted to nature and keen to take you into Ratanakiri's natural recourses in a respectful and responsible way.