Remnants of an old French school in Lumpat Ratanakiri CambodiaRecent history of war, colonization and genocide

Lumphat, the former capital of Ratanakiri and also the most southern old city still remnants the deep scars of the Cambodia people. Remnants of the French occupation can still be seen, such as the school were once the children of the French occupants received their education. Inside the school, which is in relative good shape, you can still sense the atmosphere. The voices of the children still echo in its walls

The second theater... critics called the Vietnam (American) war. The actual American war took place upon Cambodia and Laos soil. In 1969 a secret bombing campaign started by the Americans. Bomb craters caused by the American carpet bombing in LunpatLumphat became a victim of massive carpet bombing killing hundreds of civilians and leaving hundreds of orphan children behind. Survivors became homeless. Lumphat was wiped off of the surface of the earth. Now you can still see the bomb holes.

The invasion of US and south Vietnamese troops on April 30th 1970 in an effort to wipe out the Communist Vietnamese on Cambodian soil, actually opened the door to a even greater horror. A horror that lasted 3 years, eight months and 21 days. The toll? an estimated 2.000.000 souls.

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