The basic camping gear we provide is a hammock, a blanket, rainfly and metal drink cup, bowl and cutlery.

We transport our guests in a safe and comfortable way. All our drivers are skilled and licensed to drive. For small groups and good road conditions we use a pick-up. We don’t exceed a maximum of six guests. For bigger groups we take a Minivan.

Like all outdoor activities, safety has high priority. To enjoy a save jungle trek the following topics increase safety. Follow the track of the ranger* in front of you. In an ‘off the beaten track’ situation, the ranger appears to ‘snake’ his way in order to find save passages. This ‘snake pattern movement’ can be the reason to find an easy passage. Or the rangers avoids nettles, thorny plants or bushes.  In other situations the ranger reads the signs posted by hunters to indicate dangerous traps. Usually pig traps. These traps are easy triggered and can be very dangerous.  

There fore, follow the track of the ranger. If you see interesting things, ask your guide for information. Never touch or eat anything you don’t know.

* Ranger is local with very  good knowledge of the area

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Giant Lagerstroemia tree


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Why Choose Us

DutchCo Trekking Cambodia is driven by respect for nature and people. Aiming at improving the livelihood of Khmer and indigenous people and creating awareness for conservation of natural resources. Honest trek information, customer friendly and not pushy. 

Who Are We

DutchCo Trekking Cambodia is a cooperation between Khmer, Indigenous and Western people. Devoted to nature and keen to take you into Ratanakiri's- and Kampong Speu's Cardamom mountain's -natural recourses in a respectful and responsible way.  


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