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 Bushcraft experience - Jungle trekking - Engaging Local People - Agriculture - Jungle Camping - Aoral Wild Life Sancturary - Experience rural village life
High lights:
Master the skills living off the forest with skilled Bush 'Tucker' men. Beautiful panoramic views, submerge in the evergreen rain forest. Watch the Great Hornbill and other majestic birds soar the skies. Jungle Camping. Engaging Local Communities. Free night prior to the trek at our natural dormitory 'Shangri-La' and experience rural village life! ! 
Short description:
In Kampong Speu's Aoral district 'Cardamom Mountains', lies a thousands of hectares great nature reserve hardly visit by foreigners. An 85km long journey by minivan, takes you from Voar Sar along extensive valleys definite with a distance sierra to Rolak nature sanctuary . Literally at the end of civilization you reach the start point of the trek. Here your adventure starts. Trip lenght: 20 km - Difficulty: Easy

DutchCo 'Shangri-la'

The evening before departure we offer you a free dormitory bed at DutchCo's 'Shangri-la'. DutchCo's 'Shangri-La' is tucked away in a small rural village of Voar Sar in a nice garden setting with a small café/bar. A night in our dormitory is already an unique experience itself. In Voar Sar you can experience life in the real Cambodian country side. You can explore the village and take a walk into the country site and enjoy a romantic sunset at the stung Prek Thnaot River just a 10 minute walk. The only foreigners you might run into are DutchCo' guests. Our café offers you a basic menu with a choice of good Asian and Western dishes.


Rest dorm



How to get here

If you don't have lots of time and you like to submerge into the jungle around noon the day after you left Phnom Penh? Than this trek is far out your best option. Voar Sar is only 45kms south of Phnom Penh on highway No 4 to Sihanoukville. From the National Airport it's less than an hour drive. You can grab a public bus from which most of them departure from Psar They (Central market) several times a day. Your guest house is usually happy to organise a ticket for you and transport with a Motordop or tuktuk to the bus station. If you prefer to travel like the locals (cheapest option) you can grab a shared minivan. We can organise that for you. CLICK HERE for information on traveling from Phnom Penh to Voar Sar Kampong Speu province 


DutchCo Shangri la cambodia lake

Day 1

At 8.00 am we depart from DutchCo Outdoor 'Shangri La' to Kampong Speu. A two hour adventures journey with a comfortable minivan brings you to the trekking site. We stop at a small local market. The small village were the market is located has some resemblance with on old  dusty cowboy western town straight out of an old western movie. At the market you can, if required, buy some personal snacks.

Banana trees

After we leave to Aoral district. The route is very scenic. We pas through several remote villages. At some points you see a beautiful view over the valley with a mountain range at the horizon. Literally at the end of the road in the middle of somewhere, we have reached village/community from where we start our jungle trek. At the local meeting house we can make some final preparations.

Campsite cardamom bushcraftWe register and pay a $5.- entrance fee for the commune (not included in the trekking price). You will be introduced to a local ranger and your local bush 'Tucker' man. The two local men will be your buddies for the upcoming days and they make sure you stay safe and teach you some of their bush 'tucker' skills. From here we start hiking West. After 20 minutes we enter a small forest with only an area of agriculture fields separating us from the evergreen rain forest. Beautiful panoramic scenery reveals surrounded by mountains. Once we submerge into the jungle, we will follow small tracks winding its way through dense vegetation with giant jungle trees.

Forest herbs cardamom
A trained ear can catch the sounds of wildlife skulk in its natural habitat. Around 2pm we reach the campsite which is close to a small creek.

After we prepare the campsite, we venture out in the forest for a short late afternoon hike. Back at the campsite water is boiled for coffee or tea. Dinner will be prepared while you can take a cooling dip in the nearby stream.

shadow bottomDay 2

We raise at 7am and have breakfast. 08.30 we leave the campsite to find edible foods like seasonal fruit, vegetable and herbs and perhaps some protein rich insects (for meat lovers “J”). Your back packs stay behind (guarded) and you only need to take your camera and drinking water. Once you arrive at the area were some of the foods can be found, the bush tucker man will help you to identify the foods. Your bush 'tucker' man will confirm if it is indeed the right food and perhaps lends you a helping eye to find it. You learn how to harvest is. We continue our walks to other areas to find different foods. Around lunch time we return with our harvest back to the campsite. Lunch will be prepared.


After lunch we venture out to another area were we will setting up fish 'traps' (or using a bamboo rod). You will learn to find the best spot for fishing, how to attache multiple fishing hooks to the fishing line, the best bait to use and how to instal/secure the fishing line. We leave the fish lines and return back to the campsite. It will be a beautiful trek to the fishing site and back to the campsite. Back at the campsite the 'Bush Food' will be prepared and cooked in a bamboo tube on a wood fire. Enjoy a taste of your own collected jungle food.


















Day 3

We'll get up at 7 am and have breakfast. We take down the hammocks and prepare for a 2 hour walk back to Tasal village. Back in Tasal village (around 11 am) we prepare lunch. During the preparation of lunch you are free to explore the village. After lunch you say goodbye to your buddies and we will leave by minivan back to Voa Sar. Estimated arrival time back in Voa Sar is 4pm.

shadow bottomhollow tree

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Neither DutchCo Trekking Cambodia nor its cooperatives, participants or agents are in any form or means involved in illegal activities such as poaching or trade in wildlife/bush meat. The forest vegetables and fruits are strictly collected in small quantities for educational purposes only and used as a taster food. Regrowth is guaranteed within a couple of days. DutchCo Trekking Cambodia is well aware of the value of nature and will at any time conserve the natural habitat of flora and fauna, and engage the local people with high respect.



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 Price $157.50* 


Minimum of 4 persons (Except if  'Join-in' is available. Check HERE)
The above price is per person.

 *6% credit card fee not included


What is included?

1 Professional licensed guide

1 Rangers expert tracker

1 Bush 'Tucker' man

1 Official park ranger

Transport private Minivan 

Camping gear

Breakfast - Lunch and Dinner

Water - Coffee - Tea

Free night in our dormitory prior to trek

Local police fees 

 What is NOT incuded?

Personal expenses


Breakfast day 1

Dinner day 3

Entrance fee $5.-





What to bring

During the actual trek; Long trousers - T-shirt - Closed shoes - Socks - Cap or Hat - Sun cream -   Sun glasses - Camera - Small first aid pocket - Mosquito repellent - toiletery. During the night;  Sandals or flip-flops - Small towel - Flash light - A set of cloths to spent the night. No sanitary facilities available.

From November till half February nights can be fairly cold.  


Important note

This itinerary is written based on our tour research expeditions. It should be read in order to get a good general impression and NOT as a detailed hour by hour itinerary. DutchCo Trekking Cambodia has the right to change parts, or divert the route of the trek due to weather and terrain conditions and/or in order to follow guidelines of the local rangers without any prior notice.



Giant Lagerstroemia tree


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Why Choose Us

DutchCo Trekking Cambodia is driven by respect for nature and people. Aiming at improving the livelihood of Khmer and indigenous people and creating awareness for conservation of natural resources. Honest trek information, customer friendly and not pushy. 

Who Are We

DutchCo Trekking Cambodia is a cooperation between Khmer, Indigenous and Western people. Devoted to nature and keen to take you into Ratanakiri's- and Kampong Speu's Cardamom mountain's -natural recourses in a respectful and responsible way.  


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