• The only private trekking provider for trekking in the Virachey national park
  • We are respectful of nature and indigenous people and their communities.
  • Our trekking toures are well-organised and professional.
  • We provide high-quality gear and ensure that your are well-equipped for your trek.
  • Our guides are professional, licensed, and speak excellent English.
  • Our treks, equipment and guides work to ensure that you are safe and secure.
  • All activities are conducted by the personnel of DutchCo Trekking Cambodia.
  • As a trend-setter, we offer treks and services that are second to none.
  • We provide honest information about our treks and environmental conditions, are customer friendly, and we’ll never push you or pressure you into to doing something you do not want to do.  
  • Our guides, rangers and porters have been working with DutchCo Trekking for years because we respect their knowledge and abilities, and because we pay them a fair living wage.

Respect for Nature and Indigenous People

Nature is a common thing -- we often don't think about it often when we are busy with our daily stuff. But at the very moment you read this, nature is heavily under attack by human greed. Thousands of hectares of forest and wildlands are being destroyed every minute of every day. Logging areas of that size always effects their inhabitants, both wild life and people, and almost without exception indigenous people. Not only in Cambodia, but on the entire planet, our only planet, Earth. Every trek organized by DutchCo Trekking Cambodia, employs one indigenous person who joins this trekking group as a ranger and source of local ecological and cultural knowledge -- even though. logistically, the inclusion of this indigenous ranger would not be required for a trekking group consisiting of only two or three people.  The contributions of indigenous rangers to the safety and educational experiences of trekkers also creates jobs  for the indigenous people of the communities with whom we are working.

Well-Organized and Professional

All our activities are well organized. When we promise to depart at 08:30 the DutchCo team is ready to go (although sometimes, the team is waiting for the guests to have that one last cup of coffee!)  Of course, there can always be something that happens unexpectedly, but than management jumps in to solve it to keep the inconvenience of our guests to a minimum. Our gear is checked after every trek and any maintenance required occurs right away if necessary.

Professional, Licensed English-speaking Guides

We have a relatively small team of guides, and all of them are experts in their job. They are experienced in working with foreigners, know their expectations and focus on that job.  The DutchCo guides are knowledgeable so they can educate our guests, make sure our guests feel safe and comfortable, and can address any problems encountered along the way. Our guides also have an excellent reputation for preparing a delicious meal at the end of the day’s trekking.  There is nothing more annoying than having a guide who speaks a little English and who is not really interested in their guests and their enjoyment of their trekking experience. For this reason DutchCo Trekking works only with a fixed core of professionals guides.


DutchCo treks are developed based on our field expeditions. We actually go out into the forest to discover new treks. We develop an itinerary and this is what we offer to our guests – a unique experience.  When we find out that our treks are being copied by other companies, we go out again on an adventure and find new treks. That’s why we can refer to ourselves as 'DutchCo Trekking Cambodia: Trend-Setters since 2007'!

Honest Trek Information, Customer Friendly and Not Pushy

Sometimes a (potential) guest has certain expectations about a trek.  When we at DutchCo Trekking know that these expectations are not realistic (i.e., “it’s not gonna be like that), we will inform our guests accordingly.  If this results in the fact the guests do not want to join one of our treks, we are happy because it’s a 'win-win' situation --  No disappointment for our guests, and no complaints afterwards that are addressed to us.   

Excellent Working Conditions for Guides, Rangers and Porters

The management of DutchCo Trekking Cambodia is not the only western aspect to our operations. We make sure our team members are treated respectfully and are paid decent salaries. Our guides are very strong, but if their  back packs are too heavy with equipment and food supplies, we hire an additional porter to ease the load. In fact there are reasons why our team of guides, rangers and porters have been working with DutchCo Trekking Cambodia for years. Our valued guests gain all the benefits of the respectful partnership between DutchCo Trekking and our personnel.    DutchCo Trekking may not have the cheapest prices in Ban Lung, but they  are very reasonable prices that support our guides and the indigenous people and communities with whom they work.

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Why Choose Us

DutchCo Trekking Cambodia is driven by respect for nature and people. Aiming at improving the livelihood of Khmer and indigenous people and creating awareness for conservation of natural resources. Honest trek information, customer friendly and not pushy. 

Who Are We

DutchCo Trekking Cambodia is a cooperation between Khmer, Indigenous and Western people. Devoted to nature and keen to take you into Ratanakiri's- and Kampong Speu's Cardamom mountain's -natural recourses in a respectful and responsible way.  


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